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Justsquad is always looking for all sorts of talent and believes the world should hear about them.
You should join Justsquad if...

You are passionate about Life & Health

Being healthy and staying in good shape is something you care about.

That doesn't mean you have to train 8 times a week and calculate your calories using 7 digits precision. It means you are interested in the human mind and body, like to learn, share your knowledge with the world, and like to study how everything works.

You are a creative person

Imagination and ideas are what's keeping you awake.

You like to throw ideas around and brainstorm. The Justsquad team is welcoming, easy-going and believes all of its members should participate in creative projects. It can be photos, website designs, paintings, woodwork, music, and anything related to Health and Fitness.

You are a team player

Working alone is possible, but together is better.

As a team player, you like to hear others' ideas and share yours. We make sure everyone's enjoying themselves as part of Justsquad, and thrive on human values. The Squad is all about being supportive, liking good competition, and helping others.

You are organized and like stats

We do the math for you, and you analyse.

Justsquad offers a Leaderboard on which all the articles are listed. You can easily compare your articles with others' and understand why some of them worked, where some others didn't. You can also keep track on your progress as an author, photograph, contributor.

You like taking pictures

From stock photos to selfies.

You are visually artistic and enjoy taking photos. We often use photos under the Creative Common license but also take our own pictures. Justsquad is also on Snapchat and repost the best received snaps. We're on Instagram, post photos on Facebook, and have an online photo album.

You like to write and read

Writing and Reading in English has no secret for you.

The entire team is passionate about learning more every day. This is why we make sure our sources are credible and proven before posting anything. Each author has its own writing style which makes Justsquad a unique experience for every read.

You hate comfort zones

Adventures are pretty much what your entire life is about.

Everyday is different, and we make sure it remains like that. You like trying something new every once in a while, and are willing to invest some of your time into a growing project. Even with an adventurous soul, you also like to relax and redact on your sofa, take picutres in a park, or simply eat good food.

You are awesome

This is serious.

Justsquad is also about being the best human you can be. It's about going further, seeing far, big. You got to be motivated, supportive, positive. You like to laugh, smile, say stupid things, talk about lots of different subjects, are interested in many topics, and are always ready to try something new.

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