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Juggling college and fitness

"I don't have time to train". Maybe you should work on your schedule and get it right!

Many people ask me how I reach my fitness goals with a busy college life. Adidas Femme The key is simple: plan ahead. It sounds so simple most people won’t do it. It isn’t rocket science yet doing it will help you quite a bit reach your goals. You only need a few minutes to plan the following weeks ahead. What does planning ahead mean? Planning means you actually write down your schedule for the week and integrate training blocs. nike pas cher Plan which days you need to wake up earlier to hit the gym before heading to college and which days you can train afterwards. It also goes beyond that. Cheap Nike Trainers UK You got to plan your meal schedule making sure you take in your needed macros between classes especially if you planned hitting the gym right after class. Planning ahead makes sure you go to bed in time and setup that alarm clock for your early morning workout instead of skipping it because you stayed awake too late last night and feel like sleeping in. It will also make sure you always hit the gym with full energy instead of an empty stomach. new balance homme 574 pas cher Now that you got your training schedule and meal plan for the week. Last thing you need to ready for your whole week is your mind. This last step is also often ignored even though truly important. Goedkoop Adidas Y-3 You need to think on how hard lifting that barbell will be, how much pain will go through your muscles, how your muscles will keep screaming under the pressure of the weights. Your mind will be ready for this and won’t get in the way of your success. Three more reps, two more reps, one last rep; your mind will be ready to command and lead your muscles because you are the one in control. Nike Air Max 90 Pas Cher Pour Femme Don’t let the weights tells you to stop, show them who’s boss.

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