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Sugar for Muscles

Did you know sugar can actually help you build a better physique? It's all about what type of sugur, how, and when.

Did you know sugar can help you build a better physique? Well, probably not if you have a higher than average fat percentage. With a “correct” or good body fat, sugar can be the boost you need to build some more muscles. Here’s how. 1. Before working out Calories = energy. A very fast way to gain a boost of energy is to eat lots of calories. Though not every source of calories is good before a workout. One of the best source you can have right before working out is carbohydrates. air max pas cher Carbs are, for most people, their principal source of energy. There are 2 types of carbs : simple and complex. 2h before a workout (or so), a meal with complex sugar is going to help you stock energy in your body that’s going to stay for hours. About 15 minutes before (again, or so), drinking simple sugar will give you a fast boost to start your workout like a beast. Most of the time, you won’t stock any fat with what you drink because you will use it immediately while working out.  

  2. air max 90 pas cher During your workout A thing I like to drink during my workouts is something called “carbo”. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop This potion is made of 120g (you don’t need to drink all of the bottle) of sugar composed of dextrose and maltodextrose. Drinking simple sugar during your workouts will actually make you lift higher volumes. Why? Simple. When you train, your body is going to fetch needed energy to lift in your glycogen reserve located in your blood as a primary source. Mochilas Kanken Infantil If there is always glycogen in your blood (simple sugar), your body will be able to use its energy way faster than if the closest sugar reserve were in your muscles. If you are building muscles, you don’t want your body to look for energy there. adidas uk for sale I mean, if you need carbohydrates and use those stored in your muscles, it means less muscle development.   3. After working out After finishing their workouts, most people are drinking protein shakes which is the good thing to do. Adidas NMD Heren What most people don’t know is that they should take simple sugar with it like fruits and dextrose. With simple sugar mixed in your shake, your protein synthesis will profit of a boost. Plus, the sugar intake is going to raise your insulin, which is the most anabolic hormone in the body.   So, taking sugar to have muscles? Hell, yeah! Always remember though, if you have a higher fat percentage, you don’t want sugar. It won’t help you. Otherwise, go for it baby.

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