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10 People you won’t forget

We all do weird stuff while training. Here's a funny list of personnalities often seen at your local gym that we just can't seem to ignore.

They’re everywhere, it’s unavoidable. chaussures pas cher nike As you progress through you fitness life, most of them will easily become ignorable yet will still be present. The moment you put your headphones on and travel to another world, weird stuff starts to happen around you. Here figures a list of people you will see or already saw in a training establishment. 1 . The Blow-Dryer Breathing IS one of the most important thing to concentrate on when pushing your body to its breaking point (don’t go there, please). Then, there’s this one guy who, let’s say… REALLY puts his entire heart into his breathing tempo. Don’t walk too close, you might just win a free saliva shower and the image of a face you won’t yet forget. 2. The Modest Boaster “You can try curling this 100lbs dumbbell, I wish I were that strong but meh– stuck at 95lbs. I’m so weak!” 3. The Lightning Bolt A good lifting set is also about keeping a moderate tempo. adidas gazelle Indeed, if you ever tried to focus on the negative movements, you probably know how effective (and horrible) it is. And there’s this guy, on the Preacher seat, convulsing and absolutely breathless, lifting that bar like there’s no tomorrow, at the speed of light. A new super hero is born. 4. Hulk “HURRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH– HUH… asics femme pas cher HUUUURRRHHH2540708438_ac733f5509_b

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5. The Poser I’m pretty sure this lady pays for the whole membership so she can make a good use of all the amazing equipment the gym has to offer. You know, the mirrors and stuff. You can see from a distance the yellowness of her highly backlit cellphone when she summons Snapchat from her home screen folder named “Gym progress”. Meh, we all did it at least once. 6. The Megaloman Have you ever tried to squat an elephant? This guy still believes he can. I mean, we all know that good form is a huge myth and that the main goal is to max every possible machine, right? Right–? This person who shamelessly walks up to you and asks for a spot, the kind where you do 92.5% of the set but can’t tell him because of the stars shining in his eyes believing that he’s the next Arnold. Nike Air Max BW Femme 7. The Monopoly Guy Let’s try a superset workout! By that, I mean let’s superset ALL of the exercises! But first, I’ll need this machine, and this one, this rack, this, that– Fortunately, I brought 9 towels to lay about everywhere so no one will use MY stuff.

8. The Porn Star This woman who squats about the same as you who’s pretty much always doing the same 3 gluts exercises and letting out awkward howls when going up, down, whatever. 9. The Untidy Teddy Have you ever felt like you were drowning because of too much work, financial problems or just because you can’t swim? Well this guy will be your worst nightmare. You know, towels are mandatory for a reason. He probably wants his future ex-gym-buddies to sink in his training juice. Mochilas Kanken Mini As he walks towards the lockers, drenched like the Pacific Ocean, you notice his total lack of interest into washing his naturally lubricated body. 10. The Super Saiyan Man, this guy got the abs of a movie actor, the legs of a titan and the pecs of 17 Hercules. Yet, he’s super kind and warm-hearted, always ready to help you and give you advices. Everyone knows him; he’s always there, in silence, working hard for his muscles to descent from Heaven.

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