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Sex before or after the gym

The various advantages and cons of having sex before heading to the gym or after.

The most primal action of all, the reason why we are all here, and the greatest hormone trigger: sex. Sex is such a powerful act, not only on the psychological level, but physiological too, so what happens if you do it before a training or after? What are the benefits and which situation is better? Before working out The controversy here states that if you have sex before a training, your testosterone levels drop, but actually the opposite occurs. nike air max 1 pas cher To be precise, your testosterone increases by about 20%. Air Max Pas Cher This translates to a better strength output and a promotes muscle building, with the benefits of stress relief and a sense of well-being that sex offers. This applies to you too, ladies! If you are the type to go all-in during your sex sessions, you may feel a bit weak or light-headed if you head to the gym right after. Nike Air Max Pas Cher You might have higher testosterone levels, but you are lacking energy to finish your sets like you would. Sac à Dos Fjallraven Kanken Try to go to the gym 2 hours after sexy time if it’s possible.

Sex after working out You may not have that testosterone boost during the gym, but you can still take advantage of some cool perks. Fjallraven Kanken No.2 Having sex makes your body produce endorphins and dopamine, hormones responsible for pleasure and stress relief / pain fighting. Nike Air Max 2017 Heren rood

Why the heck is this good for post-workout?

This means your beat up muscles will have this small edge while recovering, since more anti-inflammatory and pain relieving hormones will be available in your system. The only bad thing that can happen is you having an explosive killer workout, not having a lot of electrolytes and nutriments in your bloodstream with the addition of a low sugar level, then you go have an intense sex session and pass out on your partner. Yeah, very unlikely, but hey anything can happen! The answer Pick your favorite based on the advantages each one has to offer, and deal with the possible risks.

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