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10 clues you are dating a fitness freak

The best ways to know if you are dating an over the top fitness freak.

You may have dated people with strange habits or a weird behaviour that left you asking yourself “What in the world is wrong with him/her”? Perhaps, the person you are going out with right now may be someone interested in the workout lifestyle, or they can be one of those crazy fitness freaks. Here are the ways to tell he/she is obsessed with the fitness game. 1. nike air max 2017 dames Groen The gym related Facebook cover picture Dumbbell racks, empty gym with a tacky motivational phrase or a famous bodybuilder qualifies for this. 2. The cake lust/disappointment relationship Birthdays, family gatherings and holidays’ only con: Unnecessary carbs. asics schoenen You can see on their face the struggle between eating it since it’s a special event or making sacrifices for the sake of the gainz. 3. Carrying an emergency food reserve at all times If he/she carries almonds, high protein bars, tuna cans or bean salad in their school bag, you know something is up. 4. The extinction of the wattle bottle What’s the purpose of water bottles if you already have a protein shake shaker on you all the time? This person drinks water, juice, milk and shakes from this shaker and seems to always have it on them. 5. You can actually track their diet When browsing Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you see pictures on your feed of the meals this person is eating with a ludicrous amount of #hashtags.

6. Nike > Disneyland Do you remember that feeling when you heard about Disneyland when you were a kid, even worse if your parents actually took you there? This person feels the exact excitement when heading to Nike to buy some new running shoes. fjallraven kanken mochilas 7. Protein farts Trust me you’ll know. 8. Chaussures Nike Gym fashion When he/she takes forever to find what to wear at today’s gym session and it takes more time than getting ready when going out. 9. Worst massage hands ever You get comfy and it begins to get sexy in here, then you feel those dry and scabby hands ripping through your skin like thorns from Hell. Chaussure Adidas 10. The “just making sure” check When passing in front of the mirror, even for the slightest second, a small flex is required as he/she was checking if their gains were still there.

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