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Proteins : The Good, The Bad and The Truth

Proteins. A word you hear very often in the fitness world

Proteins. A word you hear very often in the fitness world. adidas superstar But, sadly, a word that comes with a lot of definitions, good and bad sides, and people contradicting each other and even themselves. This article is not meant to give the absolute truth. You will only read facts that have been scientifically proven (which is pretty close, if you believe in the power of science, to truth, right?). The Good Let’s start with the good sides of proteins. Protein is an amino acid you find in food and supplements. It’s the first thing to look at to get healthier. Protein makes you gain muscles, lose fat, gives you energy, and much more. How proteins works : when you eat a meal rich in protein, your basal metabolism go up about 25% to 30%. Higher metabolism = more natural fat burning. A high protein intake also helps muscles construction and recuperation. For example, fast digest proteins after a workout boosts your protein synthesis to 350%. The protein intake everybody should take is between 2 to 4 grams per kilograms of bodyweight. A good solution for a higher protein intake is supplements. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames I won’t talk too long about it, I’ll just write the important things to know. Asics Aoldes Whey isolate is the best, second is whey concentrate and the next ones are food like eggs. Chaussures ASICS Gel Glorify pour Femme In the middle of biologic value (the higher the better absorption), you find casein and soya. The lowest the value (100 for eggs and 77 for casein), the highest intake you need for the same effect. Something important to note is that your immune system is 80% in your digestive system. It is activated by the first 30g of protein you take. This is why protein in the morning is very important. Nike Air Max Sko If you wait until lunch break to eat your first source of protein of the day, your body will have been weak against virus until that moment.

The Bad Like everything in life, there are bad sides of protein intakes. If you take too much, bad things happen in your body. First of all, your body becomes more and more acid. By eating 1 cup of veggies per 20 grams of proteins, you stop your body from becoming acid. For those who doesn’t know what a acid body means, here’s a short list of things that can happens : fat gain, diabetes, articulation inflammations, cancer, osteoporoses, less energy, etc. fjallraven kanken Not every source of protein is good. For example : Soy. Some of you must say “Oh no, another person who doesn’t like soy”. Well yeah, so suck it. Even if soy is a complete source of protein, all the bad sides are not worth it. Soy contains trypsin inhibitors, which reduce the effects of digestive enzymes. So, even if it’s a complete source of protein, it’s blocking its own digestion. Soy is also very rich in isoflavones (phytoestrogen). What is that? Strong oestrogen. Who wants more oestrogen in their body? The answer : nobody. More oestrogen means more fat, less muscles (less testosterone). Little fact : 2 cups of soy milk per days can modified the cycle of a girl’s period. Yup, it’s that strong. The Truth. Truth is, you need proteins for whatever your goal is (gain mass, lose fat, stay healthy). The most important thing is to find a good source of protein and to eat enough of it daily (the earlier the better). For athletes who have to eat a lot, whey supplement is a must. For “every day people” who struggle to eat enough protein, well, whey supplement is still a must. More protein means you are going to have more energy, you are going to be less sick and you are going to look better. Everybody wins, especially you.

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