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The 5 sexiest exercises ever

As a man or a woman, you cannot resist these sexy exercices that will make you wonder if you'll survive your rest time between your sets.

Sure a lot of us hit the gym a lot, some more than others of course. The truth is, what do you look at the most when you are inbetween sets? I’m not gonna lie; looking at attractive woman while I take a rest seems to really make my recovery more efficient! On top of their attractiveness, some distinctive exercises can actually make them look even sexier.

Any exercise containing the word “sumo”

Sumo deadlifts, sumo back squats, sumo kettlebell squats, you name it. fjallraven kanken backpack outlet There isn’t a better squat variation than with those legs spread apart, focusing all of the weight of the exercise on the glutes. Ever heard of pumped up ass? A National Treasure. 6817876226_905b831ca9_o Photo by : midwestnerd

Lying leg raises

Amazing for the abs. Nike Air Max 2016 Dames Yes. Soldes Chaussures Nike Great for anybody’s pair of eyes too. Damn right. How can you possible not look when a toned man or woman is doing these, I mean, you might not even noticing yourself looking for the slightest second (that would be technically impossible, you wouldn’t stand a chance), it’s almost feels like it’s a trap.

Triceps kickbacks

One leg on the bench with one hand holding it, butt out, chest out. It’s like the Gods of Fitness themselves tried to create this exercise to lure your eyes where you shouldn’t… And make your resting take considerably longer.

Bent over dumbbell rows

Imagine this. nike air max 2017 dames Roze Same position as what you just read above; but with a twist. Instead of having the arm just unfloding back and forth, the person’s back is flexing since it is a back workout (obviously), so you can look at them sexy back muscles all with that amazing view. 9368051181_4788a43427_o Photo by : midwestnerd

Lying leg curls

Mother of God. air max 1 pas cher Glutes perfectly working in symbiosis with the hamstrings, giving a jaw-dropping pump that can keep you staring for a while. The evil part is that they can’t even figure out you’re looking, it’s almost like it’s not fair.

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