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Spring Break : Get Drunk Not Fat

Memorize these 4 key essentials to prevent you from destroying what you achieved at the gym and in the kitchen.

With the famous and notorious spring break among young adults coming along this time around, you should learn the various things to avoid that may kill your fitness progress or the details that can salvage it.

Drink enough water

I know I know. nike air max 2016 goedkoop You will mostly be drinking alcohol and you will find it hard to drink water when your belly is constantly filled with booze, that will dehydrate you even further. Nike Air Max 2016 Goedkoop Your muscles are primarily composed of water, such are all of your organs and skin. asics femme Lacking water intake will directly affect how well your body is working, so you will not only give your muscles the water they need, but also keep you from stuffing your stomach with junk food.

“Hey, but I heard that beer contains a lot of water” – Random Bro

Munchies curfew

Set a time where you forbid yourself from eating, since the food you will crave while on the influence will mostly not be healthy (skip this part if you carry healthy munchies on you at all times and actually eat them). Nike Air Max Goedkoop If you know you will be out from 10pm to 5am, you don’t need the calories McDonald’s offers at 4 in the morning on top of all the empty calories found in your drinks.

Raving your muscles away

MDMA, speed, ecstasy and cocaine are all popular drugs present in events such as raves and house parties, I’m not learning you something new. sac fjallraven kanken Anyhow, the usage of these recreational drugs, stimulants, will dehydrate you greatly, kill your appetite, increase your metabolism so your system will burn calories faster than usual, making your hard earned gains vaporize like a short and stinky fart. fjallraven kanken backpacks If you know you will be using any of those, eat during the day like you weren’t going to eat at all during the party, and CARRY ABSURD QUANTITIES OF WATER.

Pick your poison

You know you are drinking to get wasted, might as well choose what you drink! Vodka, red wine, dark beers rum (without Coke!) are all great examples of low fat / low carb drinks.

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