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Pre workout supplements : the dark side

Cafeine is such an amazing product, but everything from pre-workouts to lifting weights is to be moderated. Ever wondered why?

Pre workout supplements; something we like to take. Something we even like to talk about. Several times I’ve seen people comparing their pre workouts and chatting especially about how they felt after taking it. “Dude, I was so focused!! I was super awake and feeling like I could break everything in the gym!” Or “Bro at first I was taking 1 scoop like I’m supposed to, but now I’m taking 2 in order to have the same result!! How awesome is that?!” It’s not. It’s the opposite of awesome. nike air max 2017 goedkoop Here’s why.

  The dark side of the force Look at the ingredients on your pre-workout bucket. What’s the first one. Mostly, it’s gonna be caffeine (sometimes, it’s beta-alanine, because they can use more of it than caffeine without it being dangerous). Do you know what happens to your body when you take caffeine? You make your adrenal glands works (little things on top of your kidneys). Every time you take caffeine, your adrenal glands work and in long term, they get tired of working. So, when they receive the signal that caffeine is coming, they decide to work less with it because they are tired of processing it. So, now you need more. With more, they will want to work less and so on. The addictive part goes like this: you want to feel it. So you’ll often need to take a lot more so you can feel it a little bit before crashing and falling asleep. Lots of caffeine without l-tyrosine or phenylalanine means no energy after your workout and through the day. Your life is more than lifting and sleeping, right? Now, you may wonder why you should care about your adrenal glands. Well, they are processing almost all your hormones. That’s right. If these guys do not work well, all your body starts to feel a pretty bad rush. So do the maths : adrenal glands tired, hormones production is slower, less testosterone, less gains and more fat. Chaussures Asics Femme Yup. A pre workout can give you less gains and can make you fatter.
Also, too much caffeine will stress your body. air max pas cher If you read my other article (link below) you know what cortisol can do to you. What you may not know is that if your cortisol is too high, you thyroid gland will not work as well as it should, which can leads to a “hypothyroid”. Consequences? Lot of things work slower : digestion, the control of your glycemia, of your energetic metabolism and more. You don’t want that. nike air max 2017 pas cher You indeed absolutely don’t. Or if you want to feel completely upside down and gain bad weight for no reason, go ahead. Kanken 16L Don’t put anything in the garbage. There are some good points of taking your pre workout. After all you read, you must wonder why you should still take it. But never forget : everything in moderation (except crack and seeing your ex) is good. Personally, the best choice would be a neurological pre workout. No need to stimulate your body with caffeine. Stimulate your brains, your neurones, and your performance is gonna go straight up. Remember that your brain is the first thing to work when you do something. Make it more productive and you are going to perform better in your training and in everything else also. Nike Zoom Goedkoop Like my coach said once : if you always need a boost to work out, you have a problem. Get your motivation checked.

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