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Ketogenic diet: Beginner’s guide

An overview on the ketogenic diet, exposing its benefits and disavatages.

With all of those diets out there, it is getting harder and harder to find a decent one that is scientifically proven to work. A popular diet that has been used a lot more in the past decade is the ketogenic diet, an extreme version of the low carb diet. Not only does cheap jerseys it give you crazy results and increases your good cholesterol levels, but your body at a whole will work better. Although these advantages are completely awesome, the ketogenic diet is not for the fainthearted, beginners, and people with health issues. You should always ask your doctor and if possible use help from a nutritionnist well informed on the subject.

What it is

A ketogenic diet consists of a high fat, high protein and very low carb nutrition regimen. The effect of going through a keto is a transition of your body’s energy tapping function due to a change in what it has to offer called ketosis; since you do not eat enough carbs for your body to use them as its primary energy source, it turns to use its own reserve: fat storage.

What to expect

In the first few days, you will begin to go under serious carbohydrate withdrawal. Your body is still used to have carbs as its prime energy source since it was so present in your usual diet. Your metabolism is changing, adapting to its needs and to what it can provide. During this period, you may experience mental fog or judgment not as crisp as usual.

When you are done transitioning (I feel like I’m writing a werewolf novel), your system will break down fat and transform it into ketones, chemically derivated fat that you can use for energy.


Once everything is into place, you body will undergo serious changes that you will most certainly love:

  • Fat usage to obtain energy (fat loss)
  • lower insulin levels = higher growth hormone levels
  • Better HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Visceral fat killer
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Treats different phsychological disorders such as epilepsy


Because you are mainly consuming fat and protein, your grocery bill may slap you in the face a little. Meat, nuts and cheese can become expensive.

If you ever went on a cut, you know how unpleasant you can be in the beginning of your diet, imagine it being even worse since your carbs are limited to about 30g (which are carbs found in vegetables), depending on your body.

A lack of micronutriments may happen eventually, to prevent this from happening, a multivitamin and omega-3 daily intake can help save your butt from body dysfunctions. The mental concentration issues can also be lessened by taking coloured salts such as Himalayan pink salt, a top pick.


The ketogenic diet may be a powerful tool for you to lose weight fast and to shift your system into a shredded machine, but it requires insane levels of monitoring and dedication. If you are using performance enhancers, this diet can yield and even greater potential since you have a better time holding onto your lean muscle mass while cutting.



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