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Why you should detox

Think you don't need a detox? Here are some reasons why we should all detox at some point.

Talking about following a detox often frightens people. Scary pictures of cravings for days and hungriness comes to mind. But a detox doesn’t have to be this way when it is done right. In case you never thought about doing one, here are some key benefits from doing it.


1. Clear the body from toxins

Our body was built to function at maximal health level. With today’s lifestyle, our body is exposed to toxins everyday. Pesticides, preservatives, chemicals and hard metals contained in our food are all toxins, even households products and environmental pollutants are toxins. Sadly for us, these toxins gets stored in our body tissues and cells. These toxins affect our digestion, metabolism, immune and hormonal system, even our behavior. Detoxing helps to bring back our systems at their maximal level.


2.Quality of life

When our body is filled with toxins, we won’t function at maximal level leading us to health problems. Lack of energy or sleep, digestive problems, acne and headaches are all examples of such problems caused by toxins. Detoxing helps to sleep better, feel stronger mentally, keep a healty skin and much more.


3. Prevent diseases

A lots of frequent diseases and cancers are often a result from a system overloaded by toxins. An unhealthy system makes us an easy target for diseases and cancer. Detoxing helps to deal with these life dangers.


4. Healthy intestines and weight loss

Detoxing will help increase your metabolism, but it will also help your body’s capacity to burn fat. It will also help clear your intestinal from toxic waste, thus leading to a better nutrient absorption from your intestinal. For a lot of people, clearing out years of stored toxic waste in their intestines often leads to a clear weight loss.  Keep in mind that your journey to stay healthy starts with healthy intestines. It is where we absorb vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to function correctly.

It is also good to detox when doing an active weight loss because as the body burns up fat, it releases more toxins that we want to get rid off before they return in our bloodstream.


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