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5 Reasons you aren’t getting bigger

If you just started training recently, make sure you aren't doing these mistake for maximal muscle growth

Gaining muscle mass has a variant difficulty level depending on your body type. Indeed, we all have this one friend who eats a can of tuna and gains 3 pounds. But what if you have a hard time stacking muscle mass? Maybe this list will help you overcome this often misunderstood challenge.

1. You put what you like over what you need
Unfortunately a lot of us are guilty or make this mistake. We tend to do exercises we’re good at or movement that comes to us naturally. Consequently, we forget to do train weaker muscles. In order to get stronger, we need to develop our weak spots or lagging muscles. We must all learn to train outside of our comfort zone.

2. Your stomach is too often empty
In order to get bigger and stronger, you need to eat enough (quite enough). Your body needs macro-nutrients if you want to build your dream body. See it this way; we can’t build any buildings without materials, same applies for the body. You can’t ask your body to go through an intense workout without fuelling it right.

3. You are scared of adding more weight
In order to get stronger, you must lift heavier. When you add weight to your lift, you may do less repetitions but lifting heavier will cause your muscle to adapt and grow in order to complete the lift. Keep in mind that the heavier you lift, the more it pays off. Of course, make sure you have proper form.

4. Your bed misses you
Yes, we need to lift in order to get stronger, bigger. Yet our muscles only grow when resting. Training often is a good idea but don’t forget to let your muscles rest.  Also get plenty of sleep. Our growth hormone is at maximum level when we are sleeping and is much needed to add muscle mass.

5. Too much cardio
Don’t get me wrong here, doing cardio now and then is good, especially when trying to burn fat. But on your way to build mass or get stronger, cardio should be kept at a minimal level. You shouldn’t be doing cardio at the expense of calories or recovery.

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