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1 Sweet tip to build muscle

You may be doing everything right at the gym, but this quick tip will skyrocket your gains.

Would you still head to work if your boss told you he’s skipping paying you for the next 3 months? I highly doubt it. Having the feeling of not noticing results while going to the gym on a regular basis is as bad!

If you are currently struggling with putting on muscle mass, this simple and quick tip related to post workout nutrition may possibly make the difference and make you bust through this annoying plateau.

Be advised that this, like anything else, may not respond as well on each individual because of metabolism and overall diet differences, but the majority of athletes will benificiate from this simple tip!

Keep calm, dextrose is here

What? The answer is sugar? Technically, yes. Most of you already know that you need a fast action protein intake in the hour following your workout, but a few know how much carbohydrates you actually need for it to replenish and repair your muscles.

If your desire is to build muscle, you need to take DOUBLE of the amount of protein you take as carbs. Let’s say you take 40g of whey protein isolate, you would need 80g of fast acting quality carbs; which is a hassle to find in food, and we are not even talking about your grocery bill yet.

The quick fix is dextrose. Simply add dextrose in a 2:1 ratio to your protein shake, or a 1:1 ratio if you are cutting. Don’t get me wrong, your shake will have the most sugary taste you have ever tasted but hey, you won’t go back once you see those gains.

If the sweetness is too much to handle, use maltodextrin instead of dextrose. It only has 10% of the sweetness of table sugar and has similar results as dextrose.

Also, if you take creatine supplements, dextrose helps with its uptake and efficiency.

The price is right

You can buy this wonder on the internet, specialized wine shops or lab suppliers, and it costs as less as 5$ per kilogram. Try not to buy it at popular supplements store as they will boast the price, keep saying yourself you’re buying sugar so don’t over pay for it.

Worst case scenario, Sweettarts, Smarties and those valentine heart candies with messages on them are high in dextrose. McDonald’s french fries are also dipped in dextrose, but I will judge you if I see fries in your protein shake.

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