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Today is a good day

We are finally releasing our website today! Come check us out, get involved, join the Squad and become healthy like never before (and super sexy)!

It’s been a long process, but we’ve made it! The team is proud to finally be an available resource for your training regimen and nutrition planning! Free articles under the workout, nutrition and supplementation categories focused on your specific information needs will now be accessible, read more for all the current and upcoming features!

Regular articles

The main thing you can expect on is feeling a part of a team, a squad, that works together to accomplish their goals. On every piece of information that will be presented on the website, a comment section will follow to let you connect and discuss, which you are highly recommended to do so, since the articles reflect your requests.

The articles themselves will be grouped under 5 categories:

  • Workout : exercises, splits, training types
  • Nutrition : meal plans, super foods, different diets
  • Supplementation: all you have to know on popular or uncommon supplements
  • Life: what is going on out of the gym that is still related to fitness
  • Misc: miscellaneous off-topic articles (usually funny shenanigans)

New articles will be released every week to quench your thirst for quality fitness information suitable for starting, intermediate and advanced athletes.

Instagram feed

To give a visual fitness progression, insights on new gyms, new products or exercises videos, our Instagram feed is easily accessible on the sidebar. Follow us for updates regarding the website and all of the other topics mentioned above.

Partnerships and ads

In this tab, you can see who is working in relation with Justsquad and get acquainted with their motives. The small ad portion of the sidebar is what manages us to keep going and to provide the free services we offer. Don’t worry, they are related advertisement and will not affect your user experience on the website.

Projects under development

In the near future, you will also be able to beneficiate from complete workout plans that will be sold at a fraction of the price most gyms offer, personalized for your current needs and goals such as bulking, cutting, strength gain, explosiveness and weight loss.
You will also have the opportunity to communicate with us via private Skype session for us to answer questions or to discuss about any topic you would like.

The last but most interesting upcoming feature is the completely free member’s area. Soon enough, you will be able to keep track of your progression on our website by posting private pictures and updating your body stats, which will show your personal evolution by comparing them to your base stats. Your bought programs will also be part of this section for you to follow during your gym sessions.


Keep training hard and don’t give up, because we certainly won’t give up on you!


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