About me

Hello there, fellow fitness enthusiasts!

First and foremost, I am a 23 year old Canadian living in the beautiful city of Montreal, with a burning passion for lifting, nutrition and acrobatic disciplines such as martial arts tricking and calisthenics.

I will be the one writing the various articles and leading the Squad towards a fit and healthy lifestyle, all with your help given by leaving suggestions in the comment section.

Although fitness is a huge part of my life now, it hasn’t been for the longest time. If you find it hard to believe, feel free to look at this picture taken in 2013.

Picture1Yeah. I know. This is back when I only used to do tumbling and martial arts, without paying attention to the foods I eat. I was barely 160 pounds, with a high body fat percentage. Long story short, I was skinny fat.

Seeing this photo when I got back from my trip is what made me start weightlifting 5 times a week and follow strict nutrition habits. I wanted to get stronger, faster and leaner in order to get better at martial arts tricking and acrobatics.

After one year of intense training, dedication and experimenting on new ways to exercise and to diet, I’ve been able to achieve something I never believed possible.

Picture2This sparked motivation and inspiration from the past year has made me reach my performance goals and fed a new passion for aesthetics and a healthy lifestyle.

All that new found knowledge is what brought the idea to help you guys achieve the goals you kept telling yourself were unattainable.

Justsquad is here to help by saving you from all the trial-error I have come across, making your quest to a greater physique as efficient as possible.